Meet our dedicated team

Sathis Tingas
Dr Stathis Tingas

Outreach Lead

Dr Stathis Tingas received a first degree (BScH) in Aeronautical Science from the Hellenic Air Force Academy in Greece in 2005 and a MSc and a PhD in Mechanics from the National Technical University of Athens in Greece in 2012 and 2016.

Before his current appointment, he was an Aircraft Engineer with specialty in jet engines at the Hellenic Air Force (2005-2016), a postdoctoral research associate at KAUST (2016-2019) and a Lecturer in Engineering and Aviation at Perth College UHI (2019-2020). Dr Stathis Tingas' research focuses on the areas of mathematical modelling and dynamics analysis of multiscale systems (chemical kinetics, brain metabolism, pharmacokinetics, population dynamics), the high fidelity (multi-dimensional) modeling of turbulent reacting flows with an emphasis on hydrogen and biofuel combustion and the mathematical modelling of EV-related technology. Explore more
Nicola Kennedy
Nicola Kennedy

Widenning Participation Team

Nicola is a Widening Participation & Outreach Officer as part of Edinburgh Napier’s UK Recruitment & Widening Participation Team.

She supports the University’s school outreach and partnerships programme supporting the delivery of aspiration and attainment raising activity in schools throughout Scotland and the UK. Explore more

Emma Parkinson
Emma Parkinson

International Officer

Emma is a School Operations Officer at Merchiston campus and supports a variety of activities across the School of Engineering and the Built Environment and the School of Computing, as well as the School of Arts and Creative Industries.

She helps with the operations and logistics for the Stem4enU events and can't wait to welcome the school groups onto campus. Explore more
Paula Rodrigues
Paula Rodriguez

Web Developer

Paula Rodriguez is completing her second undergraduate degree in Web Development and Design and works on the development of the STEM4enU website.

Paula graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a 1st class degree and Class Medal in International Tourism and Marketing Management in 2018. After completing her undergraduate degree, she received a Postgraduate degree in Online Marketing and Digital Communication from the Universitat Abat Oliba. Explore more

Meet our Workshop Leaders

Neil Urquhart
Dr Neil Urquhart

Dr Neil Urquhart is a lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University where he teaches software engineering and artificial intelligence.

Neil is also the programme leader for the Computer Science degree at Napier. His research interests are based around using AI such as evolutionary algorithms to solve real-world problems such as those related to scheduling, routing and logistics. As well as publishing conference and journal papers he has recently written a book "Nature Inspired Computing for Delivery Problems: From Theory to the Real-World" due to be released by Springer this year. His research has examined problems in the area urban logistics including supermarket deliveries, parcel logistics and the delivery of delivery of Christmas presents by Santa Claus. An example of his work can be found here. Explore more
Wegene Demeke
Dr Wegene Demeke

Wegene Demeke, PhD, MSc, BEng (Hons), FHEA is a researcher and lecturer in Information Systems at Edinburgh Napier University.

His main area of interest is the impact of technology on individuals, organisations, and society. He has a background in information systems and has an active interest in how adoption/non-adoption and use of ICT impact on organisations, individuals and on the society at large. He is an active researcher in the area of Information Systems Management, information ethics, adoption and use of ICT in organisations. His current publication includes the challenges faced by researchers when conducting research in multilingual research setting. He is currently researching the impact of ICT on learning and teaching activities in higher education. Explore more

Shufan Yang
Dr Shufan Yang

Dr Shufan Yang is the Associate Professor in Computational Intelligence, at the Software Engineering Technology (SET) subject group, Edinburgh Napier University.

Her current research interests include cognitively inspired AI, reinforcement learning, deep learning, computer vision and AI+healthcare, especially ambient intelligence systems for health and social care delivery, biomedical imaging and computer-aided diagnosis. Before joining Napier, she was a lecturer at the University of Glasgow and the University of Wolverhampton. She completed her PhD at the Advanced Processor Technologies Group (2006-2010) at the University of Manchester, where she was involved in inventing a revolutionary biological chip in the SpiNNaker project. She also worked on the Intrinsically Motivated Cumulative Learning Versatile Robots (IM-Clever) project at the University of Ulster ( 2010-2012) as a postdoc research associate for building a novel inhibitory control system using multiple FPGAs. Explore more
Jubaer Ahmed
Dr Jubaer Ahmed

Dr Jubaer Ahmed is a lecturer in the School of Engineering and Built Environment, Edinburgh Napier University, UK.

He obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2016 and BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2012. He has expertise in PV system operation, PV connection scheme, Renewable energy integration and optimise energy efficiency. His scholarly contributions were published in over 60 International journals and conferences. He received the best paper award from Applied Energy Journal in 2018. He was also featured among the top 2% research scientist in the world, ranking published by Stanford University in 2020 and 2021. Explore more